Three Ways Your Builder Should Keep You Informed During Your Project

Three Ways Your Builder Should Keep You Informed During Your Project

A good builder will keep you informed of what’s happening with your build throughout your project. A great builder should keep you so up to date with what’s happening it’s as if you are on site regularly. When it comes to building your own home, it’s important that you understand where your project stands at all times so you can keep track of the build, keep organised with decisions and be ready for move in day before it comes around.

There are many ways a builder can keep you up to date with your project, including using project management software, site meetings and of course, good old phone calls and emails. Most builders will use a mixture of these communication methods throughout the project so we’ve explained the function of each and how 1STRUCT communicate in more detail below.

Project Management Software

When it comes to project management, 1STRUCT uses an industry leading construction management software known as Builder Trend. Functioning as a client portal, this software allows you to log in on your mobile phone, tablet or computer and check the progress of your project at any time, day or night, by viewing images and videos and checking daily logs and timelines.

With data uploaded from your build site every few days, project management software makes it easy for you to stay on top of what’s happening with your build. It also offers to-do, document, message and comment sections, which allow you to communicate with your builder directly and keep a log of all communications in one central location.

To find out more about 1STRUCT’s Client Portal, read our blog post here.

Traditional Means

While it may seem outdated there’s certainly a time and place for phone calls in the building process. A quick phone call is a great way to ask a simple question or for an update on what is happening on site. They can also be useful for urgent or detailed discussions regarding a specific topic.

Emails are also essential throughout the process and are handy for more lengthy forms of communications or when numerous documents must be sent over. Emails are also great for keeping a paper trail of communications, which can be useful for both parties to refer back to and can help clarify things throughout the project.

Site Meetings

Site meetings are such an important part of the communication process between owner and builder as they allow you to view progress and finishes with your own eyes. Site visits also allow you to discuss any decisions that are hard to visualise off site or which may have arisen during construction.

Most builders will schedule site meetings roughly every three weeks and at any important stages of the build, such as frame stage, electrical rough-ins and carpentry fit-offs.


When constructing your dream home, you want to be kept in the loop of what’s happening on site at all times. This is even more important if you are separated from the site due to living interstate or travel frequently for work. A good builder should work with you to keep you informed through a variety of means, including phone calls, emails, project management software and face-to-face site meetings. This is the best way to manage expectations on both ends, ensure you get your desired finishes and make sure the building journey is pleasant and enjoyable for all.

If you want to know more about how your builder can keep you informed of what’s happening on your site, get in touch with 1STRUCT today!